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August, 2010

Miessence in Video

These days we are moving more toward learning from videos - below are preprepared Videos on 1 of the most unrivalled Antioxidant Superfoods I have yet to come across, AND an exciting opportunity to work for yourself ! If your not one to be managed and would prefer to manage yourself - then this is definately for you !

Chocolate Antioxidant Superfood:

Revolutionary Opportunity:

Compensation Plan:


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Miessence Takes Top Athletes to New Heights!

What do Laura Kueny and Sharon Cohrs have in common?

Both inspiring women are cancer survivors, fit and healthy athletes, and use Miessence products for superior performance!

American Laura Kueny is swinging for Miessence

A golf club, that is! Laura was diagnosed with childhood leukaemia at the tender age of four years old. She credits God with giving her a second chance at life and is making the most of it. Laura is trying to live as chemical-free as possible - and so has chosen the safest products on the planet to nourish and protect her body inside and out - natural and certified organics from Miessence. In-Liven, Berry Radical, Tropicana Body Milk, Sunflower Body Wash, Reflect Outdoor Balm, Mint Toothpaste, and Foaming Hand Soap, are some of the Miessence products helping to make Laura a big name in women’s golf.
Laura’s awards include:
• Big Ten Women’s Golfer of the Year in 2010
• Three-time first-team All-Big Ten
• Two-time second-team All-American (Golfweek in 2008-09 and National Golf Coaches Association in
And she’s only 22 years old!
Laura will be competing in Pennsylvania, New York and Virginia in the coming weeks, and at the LPGA Qualifying Tournament in the winter. You can follow her tournaments here:

Sharon Cohrs : Climbing For a Cause

Australian Sharon Cohrs is 38 years old and a breast cancer survivor. In April/ May 2009, just 9 months after she finished chemotherapy and three months after reconstruction surgery, Sharon and her husband climbed Mt. Barunste in Nepal which stands at 7129m. They also climbed Mera Peak as a warm up mountain which stands at 6480m.
It was a huge challenge as she wasn’t sure how her body would cope with the altitude, or whether she had the strength required in her left arm due to lymph node removal, the increased risk of lymphoedema, and generally the physical and mental demands required for climbing a mountain.
Why is Sharon climbing mountains? To raise much needed funds and awareness for breast cancer research. Her goal was to climb four mountains, the last being Everest. Doing so will make her the first breast cancer survivor in the world to summit Mt Everest!
Sharon left for Mt Cho Oyu in Tibet on August 5th, and our superior Miessence products went with her. For stamina, strength, and to keep her healthy amidst the myriads of challenges her body is facing flying to a different country and climbing a 8000m mountain, Sharon is equipped with our powerful nutritional products: Berry Radical and In-Liven. Getting sick isn’t an option when hanging off the face of a mountain! Having discovered our certified organic, chemical-free products, Sharon wants to throw all of her other products away. The synthetic products Sharon used in the past to combat the -20 degree Celsius temperatures, harsh winds, and sun reflection off the snow weren’t natural, and her skin suffered terribly as a result.
Sharon is armed with an arsenal of Miessence products to protect her skin, hair and body:
• Garnet Exfoliant (to use on her feet at night) • Purifying Blemish Gel (for cuts & scrapes) • Rejuvenessence Facial Serum (to blend with Intensive Body Cream for all over body skin dryness & protection) • Rose Monsoon Hydrating Mist (the face gets excruciatingly dry and this gives instant relief) • Refillable Foaming Hand Soap (to wash hands in creeks and streams - won’t contaminate waterways) • Aroma Free Roll-On Deodorant • Bushflower Body Spray (for the mosquitos in the lower parts of the country) • Unscented Massage Oil (for blending with Lavender to massage aching feet at the end of each day) • Reflect Outdoor Balm (sun & weather protection) • Lavender Essential Oil (to massage into feet and aid sleep) • Wind Up Jaffa Lip Balm (to soothe dry cracked lips) • In-Liven Probiotic Superfood (inner health) • Berry Radical Antioxidant (inner health) • Trial Size Lemon Myrtle Shampoo, Shine Herbal Hair Conditioner, Shape Hair Styling Gel, Sunflower Body Wash,
Toothpaste, Body Milk, Intensive Body Cream, and Rejuvenating Skin Essentials pack Sharon will be having numerous photos taken of her using our products throughout the trip, keeping a journal of her experience
with the products, and carrying a Miessence Business Bag.
And during her biggest moment, when she makes it to the very top - a personal victory for her and a collective one for all women battling or surviving breast cancer - Sharon will be wearing a Miessence hat for all the world to see! Everyone needs to know that there’s a company out there that doesn’t just claim to be pure and chemical-free to catch a certain consumer segment - Miessence really is. That means everyone can safely relish our soothing, protective, rejuvenating botanicals - and know that they are receiving the very best Nature has to offer.

Sharon and Laura - from opposite ends of the world - understand that they need the purest products available to help them achieve their dreams and goals, and keep their bodies strong, fit and healthy so they remain cancer-free. After much searching, they chose Miessence!
Go to to read more about Sharon and her fight against breast cancer or to help support and sponsor Sharon in becoming the First Breast Cancer Survivor in the world to summit Mt Everest in 2011.

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