Live Certified Organic
Live Certified Organic

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About Us

We wanted to share a bit about our story and us…

We've been Miessence representatives for a few years now, and all the products, the cosmetics, the bathroom products especially the health products and all the others have always been totally reliable and dependable for us. In terms of how much we love to use them, how easy they are to use, and how impeccable they are in keeping chemicals and preservatives OUT and putting certified organic healthy IN. We constantly compare our stuff with other stuff that comes on the market and we can honestly say we've never once found a product range that's better than miessence. It serves us very well indeed.

L2JIV-30518822-05.1.jpgNo matter how much fancy packaging and advertising another product does, when we look into the detail of the listed ingredients, or in some cases, the NON-listed ingredients, other products always seem to be compromised. Even supposedly healthy brands more often than not fall short of the mark. We have a passion for health and life and the miessence products have formed an integral part of our lifestyle - And this has certainly not been solely due to the business side of things but rather because at each step of the way when we tried a new miessence product, we loved it, we loved how it smelt, we loved how it felt, we loved how easy it was to use, we loved how effective it was, and best of all we loved how it did all this with totally SAFE organic ingredients!

We love not having to buy low-grade toxic products from the supermarket or department store shelves that thrive on hype, style, and suggestive but often misleading advertising. We loved how we were supporting GOOD things in the world, taking our consent AWAY from the big multinationals that are just in business for profit who don't care about sourcing cheap often toxic input materials from third world countries in order to offset their big advertising budgets and high markups. We love taking our consumer dollar and putting it into products that are actually beneficial to people and beneficial to the environment - A certified organic product is certified from farm to end product and at each step of the way good practices that support life and sustainability are ensured. We love the fact that we have easy access to a product that through test, after check, after test, we know we can trust to really and truly meets our health standards :-)

If you feel the same way contact us as we will have a service that will meet your requirements –

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Rebecca & Andrew Thompson
Independent Rep miessence®
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