Live Certified Organic
Live Certified Organic

Take Control, Experience Health, Feel the Difference

Take control. Experience Health. Feel the difference.

“Are you committed to living a healthy life? What action can you take today, to make a stand for what is good in the world?”


Take Control

– by choosing, above all, nutritious, safe organic ingredients, in your food, and in your household and bathroom products.

Experience Health

– by living a natural, healthy and organic way in all facets of your life, and by being a beacon for others to follow.

Feel the Difference

– by waking each day knowing the good you are doing for your health, your family & friends, your environment and your future!

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– has made it easy for you to integrate a natural, healthy and organic lifestyle into your life. There are fantastic organic products to suit everyone, member discounts for regular customers, and best of all there are exciting opportunities to earn yourself an income by integrating Miessence into a home-based business, or your existing retail store or practitioner service, or in many other flexible ways. Find out about Miessence.

Don't just buy organic food

– use your consumer dollar to buy 'certified organic' home and body products too. By doing this you are voting, in the most powerful way, to say to corporations around the world that it's NOT OK to sell you just anything, even if it's toxic. You are voting with your money to say 'Yes' to safe, healthy and truly natural and truly non-toxic products for everyone. And that type of vote is far more powerful than any kind of polling booth.

So what are you waiting for ...

– get started today! Start voting. Go organic and natural. Ditch those cheap and nasty toxic chemicals in your life. Purchase some safe, and did we mention luxurious, Miessence products today if you haven't already. And kick start your new organic business too by making a fast-start order – Ask us how.