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Fast Tract Probiotic Liquid


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Fast-Tract Gluten Free Probiotic Liquid
Australian Certified OrganicIFOAM Certification
Product:Fast-Tract Gluten Free Probiotic Liquid
Size 750 ml/25.36 fl.oz
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Fast-Tract Gluten Free Probiotic Liquid

Fast-Tract Gluten Free Probiotic Liquid


To re-colonise the gastrointestinal tract with the full spectrum of Lactobacillus (friendly) bacteria.


Store in a cool, dry place. Refrigerate after opening.


25ml one to three times a day. Use in your favourite gluten-free bread recipe.

How long can it last

Typically one bottle lasts a month.
Note: Individual usage patterns vary greatly - sometimes it won't last as long, and other times it will last even longer.


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