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Live Certified Organic

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Membership and How to Enrol

Membership with Miessence means Better discounts, options to Earn income when you introduce others, Exclusive regular member-only offers , plus Keep yourself toxic free and topped up with Miessence with regular orders.

As a Member here are just some of the many benefits that you'll receive:

  • Free Shipping on qualifying monthly orders.
  • Ability to Earn income through the many bonus pools and ranks associated with your Multi Channel Enterprise with Miessence. See the Business Opportunity section to find out more.
  • Discounts of up to 40% off recommended retail prices. See the Member Discounts page to see details.
  • Regular, exclusive Representative-only offers.
  • A customer support team and tools to grow your business.
  • Four custom built websites of your own to leverage included with your enrolment.
  • A multitude of webinar training and educational opportunities.

For people who are genuinely interested in maximising their product discounts, or developing a part-time business income with Miessence, and who are keen to maximise their earning capacity by promoting miessence®, the following 5 steps should be followed:

  1. Register as an Independent Representative of Miessence     Member enrolment here
    This involves a once off registration fee of AU$88 (US$60) and can be done either manually or online (must have credit card handy). This fee is reduced when you enrol with a Fast Start order (see point 3 below). You can also choose to enrol as an Independent Representative at the time of making any purchase from the online shop.

  2. Commit to a minimum monthly order — optional but highly recommended
    To be eligible for high discounts and to earn bonuses from Miessence, you will need to maintain a minimum monthly order of at least 50PV* (approx $80AUD) i.e. Personal Volume or points worth of product). This monthly order can be used either for personal consumption, sampling, and/or on-selling to others**. The best way to ensure your monthly order is to choose a "Bonus Protection" order at the time of enrolment.

  3. Order a home conversion kit (Fast Start pack) — optional but highly recommended

    The remaining points only apply if you want to maximise your earning capacity
  4. Choose your preferred marketing strategies — highly recommended
  5. Participate in business training — highly recommended



Don't hesitate to Contact Us to help make things clear.



* PV stands for Personal Volume. Each product has a specified number of points allocated to it. The number relates to the approximate USD price of the product which is the base currency used for paying bonuses.

**This is dependent on your country. Please refer to the ONEgroup Strategy document for more information