Live Certified Organic
Live Certified Organic

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Miessence Botanical Perfumes

Miessence Botanical Perfumes are hand-blended in the traditional artisan method of natural perfumery using rare and exquisite botanical extracts, absolutes and essential oils solely as their aromatic source.

Miessence Botanical Perfumes are imbued with a depth of character lacking in synthetic perfumes. True plant extract perfumes are the highest valued perfumes in the world & Miessence presents these exquisitely packaged at an affordable price!

Delicious - Gourmand Botanical Perfume Calm - Fougere unisex Botanical Perfume Brave - Chypre unisex Botanical Perfume Wild - Oriental unisex Botanical Perfume Free - Citrus Botanical Perfume Love - Floral Botanical Perfume