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Sun and Outdoor Protection


Sunscreen – Reflect Outdoor Balm Insects – Bushflower Body Spray
Reflect Outdoor Balm Bushflower Body Spray


Why do we need natural sun protection?

We all know that getting sunburnt is not a good idea and that sunscreen is the way to prevent sunburn... but what are those chemicals in commercial sunscreens? Latest research is beginning to discover some serious problems:

  • Octyl-methoxycinnamate – produces free radicals (singlet molecular oxygen) known to be toxic to cells(1)
  • Titanium dioxide – causes DNA damage (the cells genetic material) due to superoxide radicals, active oxygen radicals and hydroxyl radicals when exposed to light(2)(3)(4)
  • Oxybenzone – is rapidly oxidised in the presence of light and inactivates important antioxidant systems in the skin (the skin’s natural protection system)(5)
  • PABA – produces free radicals in the presence of light(1)
  • Cinoxate – causes DNA damage (sister chromatid exchanges)(6)

Medical Research Papers: (1) Chem Res Toxicol 1996 Apr-May; 9(3):605-9 ; (2) Mutat Res 2000 Mar 3; 466(1):1-7 ; (3) Free Radic Biol Med 1999 Aug; 27(3-4);294-
300 ; (4) FEBS Lett 1997 Nov 24; 418(1-2):87-90 ; (5) J Invest Dermatol, 1996 Mar 106(3):583-6 ; (6) Mutat Res 1989 Jun 21; 2(2): 213-21

What type of mineral is used in Reflect?

Zinc oxide is the mineral used in Reflect. It has over a 300 year history of safety with no known adverse reactions (which is why it is often used to treat babies). It protects against UVB and UVA spectrum and is the closest thing to a total sunblock on the market today. No other sunscreen ingredient provides broader protection.(1)

(1) Excerpt from : Dr. Pinnell, The J. Lamar Callaway Professor of Dermatology at Duke University, Medical Center, Durham, NC, is a consultant for sunSmart, Wainscott, NY, and SkinCeuticals, Dallas, TX. Dr. Madey is the medical/scientific liaison for SkinCeuticals, Dallas TX.

How to use Reflect

Apply Reflect generously to skin surfaces exposed to sunlight 20 minutes before exposure. Re-apply every two hours.


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