Live Certified Organic
Live Certified Organic

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Carbon Negative, Earth PositiveMiessence Environmental Statement

Our passion for organic products translates into a devotion to ethical and sustainable business practices that support the environment.

We achieve this through an internal focus on eco-friendly business practices and by following innovative and ecological business ideas.

We practice a genuine ‘cradle-to-grave’ approach to sustainable manufacturing and invite like-minded suppliers and partners to
share in this work with us.

As the world’s first certified organic skin care, personal care and nutritional products company to achieve carbon negative status, it is our established policy to be committed to and responsible for the environmental legacy of our company.

To achieve this goal we engage in the following activities:

  • Consistently work to exceed regulatory and legislative requirements.
  • Look for new ways to eliminate or minimise the effects of pollution on our world.
  • Utilise raw materials, water and energy in the most efficient ways.
  • Work with only certified organic and environmentally responsible suppliers and sub-contractors wherever practical in order to reduce our environmental impact.
  • Regularly monitor and audit our environmental performance with third-party certifiers.
  • Consistently work to reduce the environmental impact of our manufacturing and distribution processes where practicable.
  • Have become a carbon negative company through the purchase of carbon credits exceeding our usage.
  • Implemented a waste minimisation programme involving recycling strategies and providing segregation of wastes needing disposal.
  • Continually train company personnel to implement environmental management techniques effectively.
  • Take education seriously and regularly educate customers and alliance partners to promote the principles of sustainability wherever possible so that everyone can collectively make a positive difference in their health and the future of the environment.


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