Live Certified Organic
Live Certified Organic

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Miessence Product Comparisons

With this section we intend to give some real product comparisons to really show you in contrasting terms, why Miessence is so different and worth your interest. If there is a product you'd like us to do a comparison with, then please let us know.

Miessence vs Less Premium Others

Miessence: Less Premium Others:
1) Raw, cold-pressed, unrefined oils
2) Aloe vera base
3) 100% active formula very potent
4) Certified organic contaminant free
5) Cold processing fresh & vital
6) Vacuum packaging clean & pure
7) Hand-made fresh monthly
1) Refined, bleached, deodorised oils
2) Tap water base fluoride / chlorine
3) Emulsifiers / fillers lower potency
4) Natural pesticide contaminants
5) Cooked oxidised & rancid
6) Plastic jars microbe contaminants
7) Bulk manufactured / warehoused