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Live Certified Organic

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The following button will take you to the enrolment form within our online shop. This form will enrol you as a member of Miessence, i.e. as a ONEgroup Independent Representative.

If you have any difficulty enrolling, please refer back to the FAQ's on this page below. Don't hesitate to contact us with your queries also.


Enrol with Miessence now

Enrol with Miessence now!

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Miessence Member Enrolment FAQ

Q: Is the enrolment form that is accessed from the button above the only way to join Miessence?

A: For online enrolment as a member (i.e. Independent Representative), yes, this is the form. You also have the option to join Miessence as a member (i.e. Independent Representative) during the checkout process, when ordering a product from our online shop – you must click the button to do this during the checkout process. It is possible to join Miessence offline  and while this is less convenient for most people if you contact us, we can arrange this for you by sending you the relevant forms to complete.

Q: Why do the forms refer to ONEgroup instead of Miessence?

A: ONEgroup is the name of the compay behind the brand Miessence. ONEgroup stands for "Organic and Natural Enterprise Group".

Q: What is Fast Start, Super Fast Start, Organic Lifestyle Pack?

A: . Fast Start and Super Fast Start and Organic Lifestyle Pack are joining options that give you fantastic benefits over and above just a standard initial order. Fast Start is the option that most people choose, since it gives you the best and most flexible benefits for a great price – With Fast Start, as part of the enrolment process, you will need to choose at least 250PV (points) worth of products to be included with your order. Please review the other options also as they may suit you better. Contact us if you need to find out more.

Q: What are the Monthly Order Items?

A: . These are items of your choosing to make up your monthly order to the required 50PV (points). This is separate from any Fast Start option that you may have chosen as part of your enrolment. The monthly order items are the items that would be sent to you in the following month, if you had not already ordered 50PV (points) worth of product in that month already. While a monthly order is not compulsory, it is highly recommeded, since it will protects you from missing out on comissions and maintain your 20%-40% discount level as a Independent Representative, plus it will keep you stocked up with natural and organic Miessence products. Typically you will manually make your monthly order and choose whatever you want to choose each month... the monthly order items selected in this stage of the enrolment process is only a default order that will only be sent in the event that you do not make 50PV (points) worth of orders in the month.