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Member Discounts

Discount and pricing are based on 'points' ordered when purchasing. All products have a "point value" (PV) that is indicated on each products' page in the Online Shop.


Standard Pricing

To access standard pricing simply make an order through our online shop.

Initial online order any value No Discount
Subseqent online order any value 10% discount
Loyalty Program - accumulate 150PV and your NEXT order receives
(Note:150PV is approx $230 worth of product orders)
20% discount

* After the 20% discount order, your Loyalty Points will return to zero and your discount will continue at 10% until you once again reach 150PV

* Shipping costs are: $9.95AUD for orders under $100AUD and FREE SHIPPING for orders $100AUD and over. So if there's a few things you want, order them together to save on shipping!


Member Pricing     Learn more about Membership

Why become a member?: Better discounts, option to Earn income when you introduce others, Exclusive regular member-only offers , plus Keep yourself toxic free and topped up with Miessence with regular orders.

Member pricing is available to those who enrol as an 'Independent Representative'. You will also have the option of becoming a member in the checkout process when making a product purchase through the Online Shop.

Member pricing and discounts are based on points ordered when purchasing. All products have a "point value" (PV). The following discounts are applied to a whole order (any combination of products) depending on the total order value.

Member Discount on a 50–99PV order (approx an $80 order) 20% discount Member enrolment here
Member Discount on a 100PV and over order (approx a $120 order) 30% discount Member enrolment here
Member Discount on order $900 (£450) and over 40% discount Member enrolment here

Note: Smaller member orders less than 50PV (approx $80AUD) are fine, although the dicount will revert back to be 10%.
Shipping costs are FREE for all member orders 50PV and over. Otherwise $9.95AUD.

To maintain 'Member status' and maintain your discounts, you must maintain a minimum monthly order of at least 50PV (approx $80AUD). This monthly order can be used either for personal consumption, sampling, and/or on-selling to others**.

Note : Although optional, once you are active and have placed an order and you introduce three people as Members who set-up their own minimum monthly order of 50PV, the cost of your own 50PV monthly order will be covered by the bonuses you will earn from Miessence, i.e. approx. AU$80 (approx. US$65), or, in other words, your monthly order is effectively free. So it truly pays to spread the word!


As a Member here are just some of the many other benefits that you'll receive:

  • Free Shipping on qualifying monthly orders.
  • Earn income through the many bonus pools and ranks associated with your Multi Channel Enterprise with Miessence
  • Discounts of up to 40% off recommended retail prices.
  • Regular, exclusive Representative-only offers.
  • A customer support team and tools to grow your business.
  • Four custom built websites of own to leverage included with your enrolment.
  • A multitude of webinar training and educational opportunities.

Member enrolment here Learn more about Membership


Don't hesitate to Contact Us to help make things clear.


**This is dependent on your country. Please refer to the Miessence Strategy document for more information.

Prices quoted are in Australian Dollars (AUD) unless specified.
Prices and information current as at 29/01/2011