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Live Certified Organic

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Retail Miessence In Your Store

Retail Enquiries

How can I stock Miessence products in my business?

Joining hundreds of other smart businesses around the world in offering your customers and clients safe, effective, certified organic products is very easy.


Step 1: Register as a Miessence Retailer - $88 for first year then $44 per year. Contact Us to arrange this.

This registers you to use our unique retailer portal where you can make orders, get detailed product information and download advertising materials such as posters, shelf wobblers and images and graphics for electronic or print materials.

Note also that your online Miessence portal will also allow your customers to order directly from you online, have their products delivered directly to them, without intervention from you, and you will receive from 10% to 30% of their order value. This is fantastic if any of your loyal customers move house, or even have other family and friends living elsewhere who want to order as well.

Step 2: Make your orders for products. This can be done quickly online, or via fax whichever suits you. Delivery is free for orders over $100. Products are only produced up to a short time before dispatch (usually < 1 month), so you always receive fresh vital products couriered to you. Products have a shelf life up to 3 years.

Retail orders receive a 40% discount from the Recommended Retail Price.
Also available are retailer startup packs with 50% discount.

Contact Us to arrange for a Miessence Representative to be in touch with you.


If you are not a retailer, you can still get discounts by registering with Miessence. Find out more about Membership here.