Live Certified Organic
Live Certified Organic

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Therapist Health Practitioner

You can supply the full range (or your chosen selection) of Miessence® products to your customers now!

Some therapists and health practitioners can be considered a retail outlet (certain criteria apply, contact us and we can let you what that is) in which case you may purachse stock at 40%-50% discount. More about becoming a retailer of Miessence®  »

Alternatively, some therapists and health practitioners choose to enrol as an Independent Miessence Representative where discounts are typically 20%-40%, plus with the option of enroling others and earning a residual income. More about becoming a Miessence® Independent Representative »

All Miessence members (whether they be Independant Representatives or a Retail member) are provided with their own miessence online shop as part of their registration, which allows easy online ordering for yourself and your customers should they be quite distant from you in the future.

Everyone needs to register to join Miessence first before they can begin making disounted orders and optionally re-selling the products – Contact Us to help you enroll.